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The Tamworth Regional Business Summit is so much more than a traditional business forum. It's a three-day event that will educate, connect and prepare your business for the uncertain times ahead.


You'll have the chance to hear from six of Australia's leading keynote business speakers, as well as connect and learn through a series of tailored workshops, presented by local businesses and organisations. 




Nadine Champion is an inspiring international keynote speaker, author and awarded martial artist with over 30 years' experience. She has successfully fought and won many battles in her life – from title fights in the ring to overcoming cancer. An acclaimed motivational speaker, her 10 Seconds of Courage TEDx Sydney talk is regarded as “one of the most memorable of all time”.

She is passionate about using the knowledge she has gained through martial arts as a metaphor for life - to transform the way people think and feel about themselves.

Nadine is a respected teacher known for creating a high-performance mindset in people from all walks of life. Her passion is to challenge individuals and organisations to change their thinking to reach their highest potential. Armed with a zest for life born of authentic lived experience, Nadine uses her own inspirational story to ignite resilience and courage in others. Her dream is to build a community of people using 10 Seconds of Courage to reach their highest potential.

Nadine received a B.Soc.Sc (Criminology) from the University of New South Wales, has a penchant for sausage dogs and lives in Sydney, Australia.



Since early 2017, Anna Bligh has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Banking Association. Her priorities include delivering on the recommendations of the Royal Commission, strengthening the culture in banking, rebuilding trust in the sector and delivering the right outcomes for customers.

Prior to her role in banking, she had a long and distinguished career in politics, including holding the position of Premier of Queensland for almost five years.

The ABA represents 23 banks that operate in Australia. The ABA works with government, regulators and other stakeholders to improve public awareness and understanding of the industry’s contribution to the economy and to ensure Australia’s banking customers continue to benefit from a stable, competitive and accessible banking industry.



Fragrance aficionado Nicole Eckels launched Glasshouse Fragrances in 2006 with a spark of imagination and a belief in the power of fragrance to transform the everyday. Since its launch nearly a decade ago, Glasshouse Fragrances has quickly grown to become a leading brand in the Australian fragrance market.


She remains the Creative Director of the company, which employs more than 100 people and turns over $50 million each year.


Nicole is an accomplished business person who will share her story about how she built Glasshouse and how she continues to grow the business by continuously learning and being relentlessly curious. Nicole will also present a workshop on how to scale your business for success.



From humble beginnings growing up as an orphan, to global entrepreneur, keynote presenter and international bestselling author, Andrew Griffiths is a powerful inspiration to business owners around the world.


Andrew is a bestselling business author and presenter not just because his personal story is moving and his narrative is unexpectedly humorous, or because he is exceptional at breaking complex issues down into bite sized pieces (although that certainly helps). After 30 years as a business owner in industries as diverse as tourism, advertising, retail and consulting, he has been there and done it and paid close attention to what works and what doesn’t.

Andrew’s advice is a combination of street smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard learned lessons in his own trial and error.



Born and bred in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Warren was the son of small business owners.

A leader throughout his Primary School years, this confidence was eroded once entering Secondary School, where he was subjected to bullying and not fitting in. This is where his skill of Resilience was developed a skill that would be called upon time and time again in future years.

In 1982 His family made the massive decision to move to the country and pursue his father's dream of becoming a farmer. This gave Warren an opportunity to reinvent himself.  The next few years were to be defining years for him. The harsh reality of being a farmer soon became evident: high interest rates, low commodity prices, flood and drought; all having an impact, but most significantly, was that on his mental health. These events all tested his Resilience, Persistence and Determination and had a massive impact on his young family, relationships and finances all culminating with the decision to basically having to walk off the farm.


He began the journey of piecing back together his life, but the road has been long, through his Resilience, Persistence and Determination, he now imparts his skills and pays forward his unique stories.

There is more to this farmer than meets the eye.



Inspired by the military history of his Grandfather, Damien joined the Australian Defence Force and at the age of just 24 achieved his dream of becoming a Commando. It was while serving in Afghanistan with the 2nd Commando Regiment that Thomlinson’s life was changed forever. In April 2009, whilst on night patrol in Southern Afghanistan, Damien’s unit drove over an improvised Taliban bomb. Damien suffered horrendous injuries in the explosion, which resulted in both of his legs being amputated.


His ongoing quest for physical and mental rehabilitation has seen him undertake many challenges. He has participated in the TARGA Tasmania classic car rally, and has walked the demanding Kokoda Track.


Today, Damien uses his experiences, passion for life and journey to inspire and motivate. His best-selling autobiography, Without Warning, was released in 2013 and continues to sell across Australia, the US and UK. He also commits time to causes important to him as an ambassador for DefenceCare, Soldier On, the Commando Welfare Trust and other initiatives that aim to raise awareness and funds for injured soldiers and their families.


An active athlete and keen surfer prior to his injuries, Damien took up snowboarding as part of his personal challenges, and also represented Australia at the 2014 and 2016 Invictus Games.


While much of Damien’s work has been in the public eye, for the last three years he has studied acting behind the scenes. His big break came in 2016 blockbuster Hacksaw Ridge, where Damien was cast alongside Andrew Garfield, Vince Vaugh and Sam Worthington in the Mel Gibson-directed movie. It went on to be nominated for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards. Damien continues to act and is President of the Australian Veteran’s Film Festival.


Growing Regional Economies


Moving Forward in a Drought Economy


Join us for a Q & A panel discussion around 'growing regional economies'. Panel members representing Tamworth Regional Council, Dubbo Regional Council and Coffs Harbour City Council will be on hand to discuss strategies council's are implementing to build community resilience and grow in trying times.

EXCLUSIVE Q and A session with the NSW Finance and Small Business Minister, Damien Tudehope and NSW Better Regulation and Innovation Minister, Kevin Anderson.

This state government panel will discuss government policy around drought assistance and strategies employed to ensure the state's economy continues to thrive.

The Pitfalls of Establishing A Business Premises


Run by Steven Hill, this panel will ensure attendees are aware of the pitfalls when establishing a business premises, with solutions to avoid catastrophe. Key points include: permissibility & consent, infrastructure, site constraints heritage, flood, bushfire, car parking, accessibility, fire safety & the building code.


Speakers on the panel include:

  • Stephen McDonald,Managing Director of Formline Group Tamworth;

  • Andrew Swane, Director Brown & Krippner Tamworth;

  • Justin Cant, Manager Kelley Covey Group Tamworth.


Joblink Plus, along with Anthony Sork - the Founder and Managing Director of leadership development and executive coaching practice, Sork HC will present a workshop on staff retention and employee performance. Mary Ryan-Garnett will deliver a workshop on Creating Future Talent - Traineeship & Apprenticeship.

Co-founder of Glasshouse Fragrances and keynote speaker, Nicole Eckels will also be presenting an interactive workshop on Scaling Your Business for Success.

Louisa Vogelenzang and Melissa Misuraca, two of Australia's leading cybersecurity professionals will present the cybersecurity workshop. This seminar is designed to build awareness of cyber-crime and will give tips and tricks on how to protect your business online.

Roberts and Morrow will present workshops on Financial future proofing your business, as well as Succession Planning - Restructuring? Cashing in your chips? Or passing it on to the next generation? These seminars will deliver insights into the fundamentals of managing your assets, assist in maximising the value of your business and illustrate why succession planning is important.

As a business owners do you understand your employment law fundamentals? Sponsored by Workforce XS, the Employment and Workplace Relations workshop will be delivered by Australian Business Lawyers and Advisors. It will provide practical guidance on how to navigate this complex topic and answer any questions you may have.

The building better networks workshop will be sponsored by The Professionals Real Estate. This workshop will give attendees effective tips for successful business networking, to build strong working relationships.

Emma Barbato, who heads the creative studio for Southern Cross Austereo for Regional Businesses, will present the workshop How to Thrive in a Digital World. It will provide tips on how to use the power of digital media to get the most out of your advertising dollar. We all know we need to use digital media to reach our customers, so this is designed to take out the guess work and bring some clarity on how your business can thrive using this smart technology.

John Petrovich will present a workshop on New Technologies. This seminar will showcase three emerging technologies and how they work together to create more opportunities for business owners, particularly in the ag, financial services and tourism industries. Attendees of the workshop will also hear from industry expert Merrick Spain. 

Rhythm Digital will present a workshop on getting your business set up online - the essentials. This seminar will outline the basics steps business owners must follow in order to operate in the digital world. 


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